15th June 2018
Strontium Titanate

Strontium Titanate

First appearing in the 1950s, Strontium Titanate is a Diamond Simulant. Simply, the material has a similar appearance to Diamond but a different composition and crystal […]
12th June 2018
ethiopian opals

Gemstone of the Week – Ethiopian Opal

Though Opal was first discovered in the 1880’s, Ethiopian Opal didn’t make an appearance until much lat-er. In 1939, Anthropologist Louis Leakey suggested that Opal deposits […]
1st June 2018

Gaspeite, Gemstone of the Week

A variety of Nickel Carbonate, Gaspeite belongs to the Calcite family of minerals. First discovered in 1977 by renowned mineralogists, D.W Kohls and J.L Rodda, the […]
1st June 2018

Spodumene, gemstone of the week

Found in a range of colours, Spodumene is a type of pyroxene mineral. The gemstone is named after the Greek word ‘spodumenos’, which means ‘ash coloured’. […]