29th September 2017
Dior Fine Jewellery | JAKE Blog

Dior Fine Jewellery

Taking up the majority of a whole city block, Dior’s Paris headquarters are often referred to as the ‘house’ of Christian Dior. One of the offices […]
29th September 2017
Gemstone of the Week: Aquamarine | JAKE Blog

Gemstone of the Week: Aquamarine

Deriving from an old Latin expression, the word aquamarine literally translates to ‘seawater’, which fits the precious stone perfectly. Famous for its deep sea-blue colouring, aquamarine […]
29th September 2017
Ruby Buying Guide | JAKE Blog

Ruby Buying Guide

One of the most valuable and sought-after gems, Rubies have been loved for generations. With so many of the precious stones on the market today, setting […]
22nd September 2017
10 most expensive watches of all-time | JAKE Blog

10 most expensive watches of all-time

Premium watches are some of the most admired pieces of modern technology in the world. A combination of the best craftsmanship, design, and a rich history […]