18th August 2017
Graff and World’s Most Famous Diamonds | JAKE Blog

Graff and the World’s Most Famous Diamonds

  Graff Diamonds, founded in 1960 by Laurence Graff, is a British multinational jeweler creating high-end designer jewellery. After over five decades at the heart of […]
10th August 2017
Gemstone of the Week: Quartz | JAKE Blog

Gemstone of the Week: Quartz

Quartz is undoubtedly one of the most common gemstones in the world, with many variations and colours to choose from. In its pure form, Quartz resembles […]
7th August 2017
London Auction Houses for Buying your Jewellery | JAKE Blog

London Auction Houses for Buying your Jewellery: Christie’s and Sotheby’s

As far as auction houses are concerned, there are two massive names in London. Christie’s and Sotheby’s are two of the most respected auction houses in […]
4th August 2017
The Masterpiece Exhibition - London | Jake Blog

The Masterpiece Exhibition

London is a hotbed for art and jewellery enthusiasts, as evidenced by the upcoming Masterpiece Exhibition. This is a highly anticipated date in many people’s calendar, […]