4th April 2019
silver jewellery

Different Types of Silver Used in Jewellery

Although they look similar, there are a number of different types of Silver used in jewellery today. Typically, the Silver used to make jewellery is an […]
28th March 2019

What is Fairtrade Gold? Reasons to Buy it

Despite gold jewellery being a symbol of love, power, and wealth, the reality behind it often isn’t so glamorous. Gold mining takes place worldwide and is […]
21st March 2019

Taking Care of Your Jewellery: What to Avoid

As you get older, you may acquire more expensive pieces of jewellery. These may include engagement rings, wedding bands, or fancier necklaces or bracelets that are […]
15th March 2019
Kids jewellery

Ideas of Jewellery Gifts for Kids

Jewellery always makes a good gift – whether you’re buying for your partner, friend, or even your children! With a wide range of children’s jewellery available, […]