7th February 2019

The Most Original Rings in the World

When it comes to rings, certain styles remain on-trend year after year. However, who says you have to adhere to the rules of fashion? You’re unique, […]
31st January 2019
Most expensive jewellery

Top 10: Most Expensive Jewellery in the World

For thousands of years, jewellery has played a central role in culture. Accessories were first worn by remote ancient civilisations and are still enjoyed by the […]
24th January 2019
best metal engagement ring

What’s the best metal for an engagement ring?

Thinking about popping the question? If so, you’re probably wondering what the best metal for an engagement ring is. When you get down on one knee, […]
17th January 2019
Gold plated jewellery

What are the Benefits of Gold-Plated Jewellery?

Over the past few years, plated gold jewellery has risen in popularity. While there are a number of reasons behind this, one major factor is the […]