Gemstone Bracelets: The Power to Heal

Gemstones: From Mine to Market | JAKE Blog
Gemstones: From Mine to Market
7th July 2017
Gemstone of the Week: Agate | JAKE Blog
Gemstone of the Week: Agate
7th July 2017
Gemstone Bracelets: The Power to Heal | JAKE Blog

Gemstone Bracelets: The Power to Heal | JAKE Blog

There is a reason that gemstone beaded bracelets are a favourite gift, good luck charm and, sometimes, the choice for friendship bracelets. Different gemstones are thought to have varying healing and general wellness properties to help you retain health and happiness in mind, body, and soul.

Below, we explore the different types of gemstone bracelets for healing and their properties.


One of the most popular kinds of gemstone beaded bracelets, agate comes in almost every colour you can think of and helps to improve your physical and mental health. By sporting an agate bracelet, you will boost your concentration and analytical skills. When placed in various areas of the body, Agate can improve internal health, too. For instance, to improve digestion, place agate on your abdomen. Mentally, Agate promotes confidence and encourages truth while reducing bitterness and assisting in overcoming trauma. Better still, agate is a cleansing mineral that helps to transform negative energy.


Most often in red, garnet is available in almost every colour. By wearing a garnet bracelet, you will encourage passion and love in your life and boost feelings of courage and hope. Garnet is a romantic stone that will help to balance your energy and boost your confidence. It helps you to remove inhibitions and encourages you to try new things. Physically, garnet speeds up metabolism and increases energy levels and your immune system, helping you to achieve all-round physical health.


Available in a variety of earthy tones such as black, brown and green, Jasper is thought to improve emotional strength, promote calmness and ease stress. Perfect if you’re working towards a goal, Jasper enhances feelings of determination and helps you to overcome insecurities and fears. By laying Jasper over each of your chakras, you can cleanse and realign your energy to a harmonious state.


Most commonly, spinel is available in variants of red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, and green and, frequently, is sold as multicoloured beaded bracelets, usually intertwined with sterling silver. Spinel is thought to attract wealth and success, as well as helping to clear the mind and provide a clear path to various goals. Spinel also boosts brain function, including memory, and reduces stress and depression.


An instantly recognisable stone thanks to its deep purple tone, amethyst bracelets should be worn to improve digestive, heart, and skin health, as well as reduce swelling such as arthritis. For instance, senior women may wear an amethyst beaded bracelet on their wrist. Amethyst is an incredibly powerful stone that helps to reduce stress and exhaustion, as well as the physical tension that may lead to headaches. It will also help you to ensure you get a restful sleep by reducing signs of insomnia.


Worn by courageous warriors for thousands of years, turquoise is a strength stone that boosts both emotional and physical durability. By wearing a turquoise bracelet, you will reduce signs of inflammation and reduce your susceptibility to viral infections. Turquoise also relieves feelings of exhaustion, anxiety, and depression. It encourages feelings of peace and, in particular for women, helps to balance hormones and purge the body of negative energy, as well as purifying surroundings.


Most commonly green in colour, aventurine is thought to boost recovery from illness by stimulating ‘life-giving energy’ in the body to assist in physical regeneration. Aventurine is a heart stone which means it helps to maintain heart health and soothes emotional wounds such as that felt after the breakdown of a relationship or death of a loved one, for instance. This stone helps you to remain stable and inspires optimism, allowing you to look ahead and leave feelings of negativity and bitterness behind. Aventurine also benefits sleep and calms your mind and body by releasing stress.


A rich autumn orange in colour, carnelian is a revitalising stone that, when worn as a bracelet, helps to stimulate metabolism and increases fertility. In women, Carnelian is thought to reduce menstrual and menopausal systems. If you’re conscious of your nutritional health, carnelian may also boost function in your large intestine and help your body to absorb all the nutrients it needs. Carnelian is a high-energy stone that both motivates and enhances creativity while improving concentration.


Recognisable as a striking swirl of varying green tones, malachite, also known as the ‘midwife stone’, is a transformation stone that helps women to regulate their menstrual cycle and reduce cramps. It is also thought to ease labour. Malachite encourages the expression of feelings and helps you to develop excellent, blossoming relationships with those already in your life and when meeting new people.

Rose Quartz

Quartz is available in a variety of tones; however, rose quartz, in particular, is a pale shade of pink and, amongst other things, is a beauty stone. By adding a rose quartz bracelet to your wrist, you will help to clear your skin and reduce wrinkles. Rose Quartz also contributes to the healing of emotional wounds, including suffering during childhood and later in life during relationships, for instance. This stone will help you to understand and love yourself which will, in turn, allow you to love others, too.


Best known for its deep blue colour, sapphire is a healing stone that, when worn as a bracelet, will help you to maintain mental and physical health while reducing signs of insomnia by aiding sleep. Sapphire helps you to achieve overall balance by calming and focusing the mind and balancing your body’s energy. It also helps you to become more secure in your own opinions, relying less on others.

Whether you’re looking to improve your mental wellbeing, improve your physical health, or heal yourself from emotional trauma, give all your chakras a boost with gemstone beaded bracelets.

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