Jewellery Trends for Autumn 2018

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25th July 2018
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While the summer runways were filled with duster earrings and layered necklaces, we can expect to see a variety of new trends as we approach the Autumn months.

Autumn Leaves

When we think of Autumn, one of the first things that come to mind is fallen leaves. Wrapping up warm and strolling through the leaves is a clear sign that Autumn is upon us. This year, we can expect to see this reflected in the jewellery trends. The delicate appearance of leaves makes them ideal for use in jewellery. Whether you’re sporting a simple pendant chain or a pair of statement earrings, filling your collection with leaf-themed jewellery will ensure you remain on-trend.


Pearls have been popular for centuries. Although they have never totally gone out of fashion, this Autumn they are definitely back in. If you’re lucky enough to own a pair of real pearl earrings – great! However, if you don’t, don’t panic. You can expect to see a range of pearl costume jewellery hitting the shelves in the coming months.

Gold Hardware

Gold hardware is another trend you can expect to see this Autumn. Over the summer, gold jewellery swept the runways and it seems like designers just can’t get enough. Whether you prefer delicate necklaces or bulky hardware links, as long as you’re wearing gold you don’t need to worry.

Coloured Gemstones

Coloured gemstones will make a major comeback this Autumn. Whether it be on a pendant, a pair of statement earrings, or an engagement ring, 2018 is definitely the year to rock a coloured gemstone or two. Not only are coloured gemstones beautiful, but they are also the perfect way to draw attention to your jewellery. A statement necklace filled with colourful gems should be the focal point of your outfit this season.

Oversized Pieces

This Autumn, bigger is definitely better. The summer has been filled with bold, statement earrings and the trend shows no sign of stopping. As we approach the colder months, we can expect to see more than just oversized earrings on the market. A whole host of oversized jewellery will be seen on the runway in the near future, so start building your collection now!


While dainty bracelets have their place, chunky cuffs will be the favourite aesthetic next season. Ornate cuffs are loved for many reasons, but one of the most popular is their likeness to a sculptural piece of art.

In the fashion world, wearable art is definitely the next big thing. Boasting a large surface area, cuffs often host intricate detailing that would not be suitable for smaller pieces. Glamorous cuffs are also a great way to incorporate coloured gemstones into your Autumn outfit. However, even the simplest of cuffs are on-trend this Autumn. Sporting a simple gold cuff will give you a chic, minimalist vibe without having to work for it.

Chunky Chains

This season, layered necklaces have been a recurring trend. Popular for a good few years now, delicate necklaces can be layered over one another for a unique and personal look. Although layered designs show no sign of going anywhere, bolder necklaces will be making an appearance in the next few months, too. Chunky chains are ideal for those looking for a focal point for their look. Best paired with a minimal outfit, a statement necklace will add a hint of glamour to your Autumn look. Better still, they can be thrown on in a matter of seconds before heading out the door. Layering necklaces take time and concentration, so it’s great to have another option if you’re in a rush.

Transparent Jewellery

Transparent accessories were first seen in spring 2018. As the weather got warmer, though, it wasn’t just handbags and shoes that rocked the see-through style. Transparent jewellery was a leading trend of the summer, and that isn’t expected change as we approach the Autumn. This means that we can still sport a range of glass, plastic, and lucite pieces with our cold-weather outfits.


Enamel is easy-to-wear and can transform an outfit in seconds. If you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your outfit, look no further than a piece of enamel jewellery. Enamel can be used on a range of different pieces including earrings, bangles, and hoops. If you want to make a statement this Autumn, get your hands on a colourful piece of Enamel.


This Autumn, Jade is officially back. Appearing in a variety of different forms, the gemstone can be worn with confidence throughout the colder months.


This season, many designers are emphasising convertible or multifunctional jewellery. Giving you more for your money, convertible jewellery is ideal for those on a budget. Multifunctional jewellery can be found in a range of forms including bracelets with removable earrings and chunky chains that can be worn around the neck or the wrist.

Singular Earring

Every season has a trend that seems a little ‘out-there’. This Autumn, that trend happens to be the singular earring. This summer, designers have been releasing mismatched designs, but this trend takes that one step further. Rather than wearing a pair of earrings, you can now be on-trend by wearing one on its own. With a bold, artistic vibe, those wearing a singular earring are expected to exude inner confidence and composure.

In Summary

To remain on-trend throughout Autumn 2018, make sure to take note of the jewellery above. In the busyness of modern life, it’s often not practical to spend hours putting an outfit together. Thankfully, you don’t have to! Many of the trends above take just a few seconds to achieve; simply throw on a chunky chain or and oversized bangle and you’re good to go.

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