Jewellery Trends for Summer 2019

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11th July 2019
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Jewellery Trends for Summer 2019

As the days get warmer, we tend to adopt a minimalist approach when putting outfits together. With fewer layers to show off our style, it’s important to accessorise with some on-trend jewellery. This summer is all about statement pieces. From internet influencers to designer runways, it seems that nobody can get enough of bold, bright, and extravagant pieces. In this article, we explore the jewellery trends for summer 2019 in more detail.


You’ve probably noticed that the fashion industry currently has some 90s nostalgia. One of the major comebacks is the anklet or ankle bracelet. While there are some similarities, the anklet we knew almost a decade ago has been completely reimagined. The string versions of the accessory are no longer in fashion. Instead, summer 2019 will see elevated anklets hit the shelves. From gold-linked chains to pearl and gemstone detailing, beautiful anklets can be seen all over social media.

Coloured Stones

Bright and bold hues are also popular this summer. Following the neon apparel trend, brightly coloured stones are a must-have this season. Despite being lively and rainbow coloured, these pieces do not clash with other colours you choose to wear. Surprisingly, they can be paired with almost anything! If you’re looking to add a dash of colour to your summer wardrobe, get your hands on some coloured stones and experiment with the trend.

Coin Embellishments

Coin embellishments are another trend seen on Instagram this year. One of the most notable pieces is the coin pendant. The versatile jewel can be worn on its own or layered with other pieces, allowing you to switch up your look whenever you wish.


Have chains ever gone out of fashion? Elegant and timeless, chain detailed jewellery is another must-have this summer. This season, chain-linked jewellery of all sorts is back. Whether you’re into thick, heavy chokers or you prefer delicate, minimalist anklets, accessorise with chains to stay on-trend. As the style shows no signs of slowing down, expand your collection and remain trendy throughout the year.

Pearl Pieces

Pearls are classy, classic, and timeless. This summer, the jewellery box staple has been given a modern upgrade. Instead of the traditional strand of pearls, stay on-trend with an of-the-moment silhouette. Seen all over Instagram and the runways, this new style of jewel will add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe.

Shell Detailing

Shell detailing is arguably the hottest trend for summer 2019. Giving us more 90s nostalgia, the runway is full of shell-embellished accessories. Bearing no resemblance to the puka shell necklaces worn 20 years ago, 2019’s shell jewels are worn alongside pearls and embossed in gold or silver.

Statement Earrings

From heart-shaped pieces to heavy hoops, statement earrings are another key trend this summer. Playful and polished, bold earrings allow you to dress up and add your personality to any outfit. Better still, they can be worn with almost anything! Whether you want to dress up your new work ensemble or add a touch of glamour to your little black dress, statement earrings will certainly do the job! Statement earrings are also a great way to bring personality to your wardrobe. As they’re not too overpowering, a pair of large, colourful gemstones will add quirky elegance to your look.

Manipulated Metal

Manipulated metal, or ‘squished gold’ as it’s often referred to, takes another top spot on the trends list. Essentially, manipulated metal is metal that looks as though it’s been gently pressed before it’s set to create a unique look. The style is most popular with earrings and necklaces, as both pieces can change shape without causing any issues. Manipulated metal rings are not unheard of; however, they’re seen less as most rings need to remain a standard size.

Nautical Themes

In addition to shell-embellished pieces, nautical themes are making a come-back this summer. Currently, the trend has been elevated via high-end embellishment and premium materials. Choose from a range of nautical themed objects including starfish, earls, and anchors. To be honest, most of the jewels wouldn’t look out of place on the walls of a high-end, coastal restaurant.


Whether it’s two slightly different shapes or different pieces entirely, asymmetric jewellery is another top pick this year. Unsurprisingly, the trend is being dominated by earrings. Some people are taking it one step further and just wearing one single earring instead of the usual pair. In our opinion, one of the chicest ways to pull off this trend is subtly. Opt for a pair with just slightly different designs such as varying lengths, shapes, or details. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to keep the material and colour the same to avoid overpowering your look.

Embellished Huggies

The final trend on the list is embellished huggies. Best described as tight hooped earrings, huggies have been popular for a while now. In the past, they have tended to be a minimalistic accessory with the idea that simpler is best. For summer 2019, however, they’re mixing things up with glamorous embellishments. With encrusted diamonds, hanging pearls, and studded beads, this year’s huggies are designed to dazzle.

In Summary

Whether you want a brand new jewellery collection or you’re looking to expand your existing one, follow the jewellery trends for summer 2019 to stay on-trend this season. If you’re new to wearing jewellery, we suggest starting with a few subtle pieces and working your way up. The most important thing is to choose pieces that feel right for you and showcase your personality. If your jewellery makes you feel confident, you’ll be ready to take on the world.

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