What are the Benefits of Gold-Plated Jewellery?

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Gold plated jewellery

Over the past few years, plated gold jewellery has risen in popularity. While there are a number of reasons behind this, one major factor is the affordability of gold-plated pieces. As plated jewellery isn’t made from solid gold, it’s much cheaper to buy than filled gold pieces; however, the appearance remains almost identical! This means that you can pick up a beautiful gold coloured piece for a fraction of the price of pure gold. With plated jewellery, you can look the part without the expense.

What is Gold Plated Jewellery?

Gold plated jewellery is made from yellow gold plated on top of a cheaper metal such as copper or brass. Depending on the quality of the jewellery, the plating will either be thick or thin. While all plated jewellery will look similar when new, a thin plating will wear off fairly quickly. Once this happens, the non-precious metal underneath will start to show through. If this is copper or brass, the jewellery may begin to leave a mark on your skin, or even create a reaction if your skin is sensitive.

Is Gold Plated Jewellery Real Gold?

There are mixed opinions on whether gold plated jewellery is real gold. Although the jewellery does contain gold, it’s normally a very small amount. As we’ve covered, the jewellery is made by coating a cheap metal with gold plating. This means that the majority of the piece isn’t real gold, even though it may look like it. In most cases, even the plating isn’t pure gold. In a pint of standard plating solution, there is around 1g of gold. Bear in mind that this solution will be used to coat thousands of pieces, meaning that there is very little gold in each one. Because of this, gold plated jewellery will not have a hallmark.

What are the Benefits?


Compared with gold filled jewellery, gold plated jewellery is affordable. As the outside of the piece is coated in gold, nobody will realise that it’s not 100% pure. Many people want to wear gold jewellery but hold back because of the expensive price tag. With plating, anybody can wear gold jewellery without having to worry about the expense.


One of the biggest benefits of gold-plated jewellery is that it’s strong and durable. Providing that the piece is coated well, the jewellery will have a sturdy exterior while still having an attractive finish. To maximise durability, avoid going for the cheapest option. Generally, more expensive pieces have a thicker plating. Not only will this maximise durability, but it will also take longer for the coating to wear.

Adds Style

Just like a piece of pure gold jewellery, gold plated jewellery can add style to your outfit. As plated jewellery is made from cheap metals such as copper or brass, you can look the part without breaking the bank! Just like the real deal, gold plated jewellery will bring style and sophistication to any outfit.

Wide Selection

Compared with filled gold, plated jewellery is available in a wider selection of styles. As almost any metal can be used in the centre, jewellers have more options when it comes to the design. Additionally, it’s easy to put a pattern on the surface of plated jewellery. Patterned jewellery will add diversity to your jewellery box and allow you to accessorise with ease.

Minimise Negative Qualities

As gold plated jewellery has the lustre of real gold, it’s been popular for decades. As the jewellery contains a variety of metals, the negative qualities of pure gold can be minimised. For instance, pure gold is a very soft metal. Because of this, it can easily become scratched or dented over time. To counteract this, the gold plating solution contains other alloy metals to add strength and durability to the jewellery.

Looks Expensive

The great thing about plated jewellery is that it looks expensive, even though it’s not. Plating jewellery is a great way to make a cheaper metal look better. For instance, a cheap alloy can be coated with gold plating and look almost identical to a solid gold piece. Providing that the base metal is cheap and only a small amount of gold is used in the plating, the price of the jewellery will stay low.

Inhibits Corrosion

Cheaper metals are often susceptible to corrosion. This means that over time, the metal will begin to rust. However, when covered with gold plating, the cheaper metal isn’t exposed to the elements. This means that the jewellery will stay in good condition for years to come.

Encourages Pain Adhesion

When jewellery is plated, paint will stick to the surface more easily. As paint bonds to certain metals better than others, these can be used in the plating solution to encourage paint adhesion.

Doesn’t Oxidise

In many metals, oxygen contributes heavily to their corrosion; however, gold isn’t one of them. Unlike cheaper metals, gold doesn’t oxidise. In fact, it’s the least reactive of all metals. As it’s impervious to moisture and high temperates, gold plated jewellery will hold up well in all environments.

In Summary

While plated gold jewellery can appear similar to the real deal, that’s not always the case. To ensure your jewellery looks authentic, it’s important to find designs with artistry and craftsmanship. This will ensure that the gold plating has been applied professionally to make the piece look great. If you’re buying jewellery online, be sure to choose a piece with a number of photographs. This way, you can get a good look at the jewellery from all angles before spending your money. Better still, buy your jewellery in-store so you can take a look in person.

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