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Pearl jewellery has been associated with high society for thousands of years. Legend has it that Cleopatra crushed a pearl into a glass of wine for Marc Antony, purely to serve him the most expensive meal in his-tory. Today, pearl jewellery is popular amongst people of all sorts. With a variety of benefits, the gem-stone is seen as being one of the most powerful stones in the world. But what makes pearl jewellery so powerful? In this article, we explore this question in more detail.

History of the Pearl

The pearl was first discovered thousands of years ago. Apparently, the gem was accidentally stumbled across by humans searching for food on the seashore. Today, the stone is known for being one of the most expensive and sought-after gemstones, loved for its unique iridescence and inner shine. As the pearl was seen as the ultimate symbol of wealth, the Ancient Egyptians often chose to be buried with to signify their social status.

In Ancient Greece, it wasn’t just the beauty of the stone that people loved, it was also its association with romance and commitment. The precious stone even had its place during the Dark Ages, with knights choosing to wear them into battle with the belief that the gem would protect them from harm. During the Renaissance, many countries passed a law that prevented anyone but the nobility from wearing pearl jewellery.

During the expansion into the new world, pearls were discovered in the Central American waters. This find instantly added a source of wealth to Europe. However, it wasn’t long before all American Pearl Oys-ters diminished, due to the number of divers hunting for the iridescent gems. For many years, the pearl population remained so low that the natural stones were only available to the rich and famous. This car-ried on until the 1900’s when the gemstones started to become more available.

How the Pearl is Formed

While most gemstones are formed from a chemical reaction deep inside the earth, pearls are the product of a living creature known as the oyster. Living on the seabed, oysters form a pearl when a foreign object such as a parasite, or a piece of shell, gets stuck inside their body. Unable to release the object, the oys-ter’s body then goes into defensive action and creates a smooth, hard substance around the object to protect itself from harm. Known as ‘nacre’, the smooth substance continues to form on the object for as long as it remains inside of the oyster. Once the object is completely covered in nacre, it is known as a pearl.

Benefits of Wearing Pearl Jewellery

Pair with Any Outfit

One of the greatest things about pearl jewellery is that it can be paired with any outfit. As the colour of the stone is milky white, it is almost impossible for it to clash with other colours. Additionally, the jewel-lery can be used to dress up a plain outfit or dress down something glamorous. If you want to add a touch of lustre to your everyday work outfit, pop on a pearl necklace and you’re good to go. If you want a neck-lace to pair with an evening gown, but don’t want to take away the focal point of the dress, an elegant pearl necklace could be the answer.

Symbolise Purity

Women also love pearl jewellery as it is the symbol of purity. Thought to bring truth and loyalty to situa-tions, wearing a pearl gemstone can promote love, friendship, and faith to romantic relationships. This makes it a powerful stone for a husband and wife or long-term couple.

Reduce Anxiety

Wearing pearl jewellery is believed to reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, the gem is thought to re-lease the feeling of exhaustion, helping those with insomnia to fall asleep. If you are feeling emotionally weak, the pearl can have a positive effect on the mind by increasing feelings of love.

Numerous Healing Benefits

One of the main reasons that pearl jewellery is so powerful is the numerous healing benefits it brings. As the stone contains calcium, amino acids, and a variety of minerals, it can have a positive effect on the body. In women, pearl jewellery is thought to regulate the menstrual cycle and relieve the pain associat-ed with ovulation. When used as an elixir, pearl water can stabilise and balance hormone production over a period of time. The stone can also prevent and relieve a sore throat or an enlarged thyroid gland.

In powder form, pearl contains rich higher fatty alcohol that can be absorbed by human skin cells. When absorbed, the powder increases cell viability and improves the metabolism. Additionally, the powder can encourage the growth of the collagen cell to connect tissue. Over time, this can improve skin regenera-tion and keep the skin soft and evenly coloured.

When used for crystal healing, pearls are used with the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras. When used to cleanse and unblock these chakras, digestive issues are alleviated. With this in mind, the stone is ideal for those suffering from IBS, IBD, and Crohn’s Disease. Additionally, the stone can treat colds, allergies, stomach aches, and lung infections.

Pearl jewellery can also treat migraines and chronic headaches. When a pearl is worn directly on the skin, symptoms can be alleviated or even diminished. Additionally, wearing a pearl is thought to reduce stress ailments such as hypertension and exhaustion. In turn, this can prevent stress-related health issues such as heart attacks and strokes.

In Summary

Whether you’re hoping to showcase your wealth or you’re more interested in the stones healing proper-ties, pearl jewellery is powerful for people of all sorts. As the pearl is formed by a living organism, they are highly sought after and therefore expensive to purchase. However, a good-quality pearl necklace will last for years to come, so the investment is definitely worth it.

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