La Biennale Paris: Everything You Need to Know

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28th July 2017
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La Biennale Paris: Everything You Need to Know | Jake Blog

La Biennale Paris: Everything You Need to Know | Jake Blog

La Biennale Paris is one the world’s most highly regarded and anticipated art festivals; established in the early ’60s. For 2017, La Biennale Paris returns to the infamous Grand Palais – one of Paris’ most beautiful venues – to present its exquisite array of art, furniture, antiques, jewellery and watches.

Until now, La Biennale Paris has been held once every two years; however, 2017 presents the first annual edition of the fair. As well as a change in the calendar, La Biennale Paris 2017 will be the first edition led by Christopher Forbes, Vice Chairman of the Forbes Publishing company whose achievements in business are somewhat overshadowed by those in culture; in 1985, Forbes paid the highest price ever recorded for a single bottle of wine. In November 2016, Forbes was named the new President of the Paris Biennial and Biennial Commission – replacing Henri Loyrette, former Curator and Director at the Musée d’Orsay (1994-2001) and Director at the Louvre Museum (2001-2013).

Forbes told BLOUIN ARTINFO: “The Paris Biennale is the most important fair of its kind in France, and one of the greatest in the world, alongside TEFAF Maastricht and the Winter Show in New York. To follow in the wake of Henri Loyrette, whom I admire deeply, is at once a privilege and an honor. I am committed to maintaining the level of excellence established by my eminent predecessors and look forward to being part of transforming this Biennale into the most brilliant edition that has ever taken place.”

Below, we explore the history of La Biennale Paris and look at some of its key 2017 jewellery and watch exhibitors, including Bernard Bouisset, Galerie Véronique Bamps, Moussaieff Jewellers, and DeWitt.


History of La Biennale Paris

Often referred to as Biennale de Paris; Raymond Cogniat, Head of Art at Le Figaro Paris (1957-1977), launched the Biennale in 1962. Then-Minister of Cultural Affairs, André Malraux, assisted and aimed to “present an overview of young creativity worldwide, creating a place of experiences and meetings.”

Since its launch more than 50 years ago, La Biennale Paris has presented the work of some of the world’s leading artists, including Marcel Duchamp, Pablo Picasso and Bernard Delville, to name a few. It has also played host to an assortment of notable attendees, including curators, art historians and art critics such as Catherine Millet, Alfred Pacquement and Pierre Courcelles. Every year, thousands of art enthusiasts and experts from around the world flock to Paris for the anticipated La Biennale Paris.


Highlights of La Biennale Paris 2017

Every edition of La Biennale Paris presents an enthralling host of exhibitors, and 2017 is no different. In art, this year’s highlights include the exhibition of Picasso’s Anthropomorphic Landscape at Hélène Bailly Gallery, as well as Elisabeth Vigée-Le Brun’s Lady Hamilton as Sybille of Cumes (1791-1992) as part of the Stéphane Barbier-Mueller Collection. Other highlights include contemporary artist Jeff Koons’ Woman in Tub (1998) from the Monique Barbier-Mueller Collection and a spectacular 6,000-year-old female marble statuette presented at Kevorkian Gallery. In jewellery and watches – our personal favourites – highlights include Nirav Modi’s latticework ruby necklace and earring set; a rare Weiner Werkstätte Workshop ring at Kunsthammer; and an 18-carat rose-gold watch from DeWitt.


Jewellery & Watch Exhibitors for 2017

La Biennale Paris 2017 will play host to more than ten captivating jewellery and watch exhibitors; some of our favourites include:


Bernard Bouisset

Located in Béziers, southern France, Bernard Bouisset is a gallery specialising in antique jewellery and rare finds, including Art Deco jewellery and diamond pieces from the early 20th-century. Mostly, Bernard Bouisset presents a captivating collection of jewels from internationally renowned French names, including Chaumet, Boucheron, Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels. As well as showing at La Biennale Paris, Bernard Bouisset is often present at Paris Art & Design (PAD), Brussels Antiques & Fine Arts Fair (BRAFA), and Salon des Antiquaires et des Arts Contemporains in Toulouse, southern France.


Galerie Véronique Bamps

With more than 25 years’ experience, Galerie Véronique Bamps presents the finds of Monaco-based antique jewellery specialist Véronique Bamps. Bamps’ collection includes a roster of enticing European and American jewels dating from the early 19th-century. Setting it aside from its counterparts is that Galerie Véronique Bamps’ collection includes a variety of items that are both signed and anonymous with a focus on originality and technique. Bamps’ collection includes items from Chaumet, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Suzanne Belperron, Oscar Heyman, Boucheron and Tiffany & Co., to name a few. As well as presenting at La Biennale Paris, Véronique Bamps exhibits at Masterpiece Fair (London, UK).


Moussaieff Jewellers

Founded in the 1850s by Israeli businessman Shlomo Moussaieff and his wife, Alisa, Moussaieff Jewellers is a leading name in the diamond and precious-jewellery world. Some of Moussaieff’s most exceptional pieces include a woven diamond choker necklace, a myriad of chunky diamond-cluster cuff bracelets with both white and coloured diamonds and red rubies, and several pairs of exquisite emerald-cut diamond earrings and rings. A favourite is the Paraiba and Diamond Feather Necklace, which is a feather-shaped wrap-around necklace mounted in titanium; the necklace features a stunning 57.21-carat blue Paraiba tourmaline and an equally beautiful 56.35-carat white diamond. Moussaieff often uses pale pink and blue diamonds in its unique, intricate and elegant creations.



Swiss luxury watch maker DeWitt is one of the world’s most renowned watchmakers. During La Biennale Paris 2017, DeWitt will showcase its award-winning 18-carat rose-gold watch. The Academia Out of Time watch is the latest in DeWitt’s collection and is available in a host of colours, including black, white and blue. This new style is the creation of Jérôme de Witt, Founder of DeWitt watches.


In Summary

La Biennale Paris 2017 will host a private viewing on Sunday, 10th September 2017 from 11am. The public opening will follow on Monday, 11th September until Sunday, 17th September. Entry is €30.

If you’re in or travelling to Paris for La Biennale Paris 2017, you won’t be disappointed. There is a spectacular array of exhibitors; we can’t wait to gaze at that rare Weiner Werkstätte Workshop ring!


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