21st June 2019
The Worlds Most Expensive Precious Metals

The World’s Most Expensive Precious Metals

A precious metal is a rare, naturally occurring metallic chemical element. As they are rare, each precious metal boasts high economic value. Chemically, precious metals are […]
13th June 2019
Guide to Mens Jewelry

Guide to Men’s Jewellery

Gone are the days when jewellery was considered a women’s item. Today, there is something out there for everybody – even men! With the men’s jewellery […]
6th June 2019
The Most Iconic Jewelry in Movies

The Most Iconic Jewellery in Movies

Movies, plays, and TV shows have featured precious jewels for centuries. In fact, history shows that precious stones were used as plot devices in plays written […]
28th May 2019
The most strange jewellery

The Most Strange Jewellery

While some people like gemstone jewels, others prefer something a little more ‘out there’. From human teeth rings to stuffed taxidermy pendants, this list contains some […]