4th October 2018
men Jewelry

Favourite Jewellery for Men

Today, it’s not only women that can wear jewellery. In fact, the men’s jewellery industry is growing by the day, with men worldwide now adding jewellery […]
27th September 2018
Vintage Jewellery

What is Vintage Jewellery?

From sparkling engagement rings to treasured family heirlooms, most of us build up a collection of jewellery over our lifetime. Although we have no doubt that […]
20th September 2018

Types of Bracelets and Their Meaning

While some bracelets are worn purely for fashion purposes, others carry a deeper meaning. Whether you want to symbolise your eternal love or heal the body […]
13th September 2018
women rings

Types of Rings and Their Meaning

While some rings are worn to make a fashion statement, others carry a deeper symbolic meaning. An elegant band could signify your marital status, your religious […]