20th April 2018
Prasiolite gemstone

Prasiolite, gemstone of the week

Prasiolite is best described as a green variety of Quartz. Because of this, the mineral is often referred to as ‘Green Quartz’ or ‘Vermarine’, but these […]
17th April 2018
jake co uk

JAKE Jewellery for everyone and anyone

At JAKE, we are serious about our mission to produce beautiful jewellery for everyone and anyone – and this means you too. The natural minerals and […]
12th April 2018
Bloodstone gemstone

Bloodstone the blue-green gemstone

Best known for its unique appearance, Bloodstone is a variety of microcrystalline quartz. The deep green stone is best known for its red inclusions, which appear […]
3rd April 2018
Jet, gemstone of the week

Jet, gemstone of the week

An organic material, Jet is crafted from fossilised wood. The product is a type of bituminous coal, so can be used for a variety of purposes […]