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Bloodstone gemstone
Bloodstone the blue-green gemstone
12th April 2018
Prasiolite gemstone
Prasiolite, gemstone of the week
20th April 2018
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At JAKE, we are serious about our mission to produce beautiful jewellery for everyone and anyone – and this means you too.
The natural minerals and rocks used in JAKE jewellery are intended to bring balance and well-being. You deserve to feel good. The high-end design will compliment your individuality and help you feel special. We believe we all deserve to feel good and feel special.

Signature jewellery can become an important part of our history. We buy them at significant moments in time or they are bought for us by important people. The emotion and the connection of this time should be represented in the intricacy and delicacy of the design. We want you to feel the power of this moment in your life and recall it each time you gently touch your necklace or run your fingers around a bracelet.

So, the next time you believe that you do not deserve beautiful objects that make you feel wonderful, remember us here at JAKE. Remember our mission. And, know that we really do mean you too.
JAKE jewellery

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