24th May 2018

What to know about Azurite gemstone?

Best known for its vivid blue colouring, Azurite is a variety of copper ore. Along with Malachite, the stone is one of the two copper carbonate […]
11th May 2018

Cabochons, Gemstone of the Week

A cabochon is any gemstone that is cut with a highly-polished domed top. Typically, gemstones of this sort will also have a slightly domed base, though […]
4th May 2018
sunstone gemstone

Sunstone, gemstone of the week

Best known for its iridescent appearance, Sunstone is a member of the Feldspar family. The iridescence of the stone is sometimes referred to as ‘aventurescence’ or […]
26th April 2018
Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood, Gemstone of the Week

Petrified Wood is best described as the fossilised remains of terrestrial vegetation. In most cases, chalcedony minerals replace the remains of the wood, creating a wood-like […]