The Most Practical Jewellery for an Active Lifestyle

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25th July 2019
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Whatever the occasion, jewellery is the perfect way to accessorise. When exercising, some people don’t care about their appearance. Those people are there for one reason and one reason only – to get fit. While this is perfectly acceptable, it’s also fine to plan your outfit. If you’re planning to get a sweat on, you’ll need to think about your accessories before putting your outfit together. Unfortunately, your usual statement necklace hooped earrings aren’t going to work. Instead, you’ll need to invest in some sturdy pieces that are easy to wash, stand up to sweat, and won’t get damaged by gym equipment. Luckily, there are quite a few options out there. In this article, we explore the most practical jewellery for an active lifestyle.


Momentum Active Jewellery


Momentum Active Jewellery was designed with athletes in mind. The idea formed when company founder, Amy Cochrane, was holding a plank one day. With lots of time to think, her eyes wandered down to her wrists and inspiration hit. At that moment, she knew she needed a motivational message to keep her going. Shortly after, she combined her 20 years of design experience with her love of fitness and launched Momentum’s first product. Before long, she’d had enough interest to expand the business and develop a full line of products. Today, athletes worldwide can enjoy Momentum’s accessories. The pieces are so unique that they have their own patent. They’re also lovingly-handmade-in-the-USA, full of inspiration and proof that good things come in small packages.


While they have a full line of products, Momentum’s Motivate Wrap’s are still their best seller. The wraps feature a fabric band to wick away sweat and a motivational message engraved on tarnish-proof metal. The materials are specially designed to not rub, squeeze, slip, or chafe, helping you to stay comfy as you move. Better still, the wraps are hand-washable, allowing you to keep them clean and fresh.


Silicone Rings


Unfortunately, metal rings aren’t the most practical accessory for those with an active lifestyle. Thankfully, there’s still an option for all you ring lovers out there – silicone rings. Crafted from silicone, silicone rings are flexible enough to move with you. If you get snagged on a piece of equipment, don’t panic! Unlike a traditional ring, a silicone ring won’t damage your finger. Instead, the ring will stretch and snap back into its original position. Silicone rings are particularly popular amongst those with a wedding or engagement ring. While it’s best to remove metal rings whilst working out, many people prefer to keep their wedding band on. Silicone rings offer a safe alternative.


Bronwen Jewelry


Another purpose-built jewellery brand, Browen Jewelry is designed to look like any usual piece but be suitable to withstand active sports. Wear the pieces to swim, sweat, and shower with no issues! They’ll come out looking as good as new.


Company owner Bronwen Lodato has been making jewels for as long as she can remember. According to her website, her inspiration comes from a life lived in motion. The idea for her brand began in her early twenties, back when she was instructing expeditions for Outward Bound. At work, she was receiving requests for necklaces strong enough to withstand an active lifestyle but still delicate enough to feel pretty. 12 years later, in 2008, she launched her company at the Outdoor Retailer Show. Since that date, the brand has been steadily growing and has become a leader in the active jewellery industry. Bronwen herself is passionate about outdoor adventure and rigorously tests each product before listing it in her shop. Since expanding the company, Bronwen and her team have worked happily from their studio in downtown Bend, Oregon.


Studded Earrings


When exercising, hoops or dangling earrings aren’t the best options. We’ve all heard horror stories about earrings getting snagged and ripping through the ear. Unfortunately, this is a very real possibility – particularly with earrings that dangle. If you don’t want to remove your earrings completely, switch your hoops to studs for a safer alternative. Depending on your activity, it may be safer to remove your earrings altogether. If this isn’t an option, you can always put tape over them instead or exercise with caution!


Lithotherapy Bracelet


If you’re into crystal healing, you may want to wear a lithotherapy bracelet whilst working out. Crafted from precious stones, lithotherapy bracelets use the vibration of the stone to balance and heal the body. Different gemstones have different healing properties. For instance, Bloodstone promotes motivation, courage and confidence. With this in mind, it can be beneficial during physical activity. Another popular stone for working out is Black Onyx. Believed to increase stamina and personal power, the stone may keep you going for that bit longer than usual. If a bracelet isn’t your thing, try a lithotherapy pendant instead. For some people, this may be a more practical option when exercising.


Fitness Watch


A fitness watch is a piece of practical jewellery with a purpose. Available in a range of colours and styles, fitness watches will keep you looking great throughout your workout. As well as being the perfect accessory, fitness watches can monitor and track fitness-related metrics such as distance travelled, calorie consumption and heartbeat. This is beneficial for those who want to keep an eye on their heart rate as they exercise. On some watches, you can set an alert to notify you once you’ve travelled a certain distance. Some watches also offer a timer to track and time your exercise. This is particularly beneficial during High Intensity Interval Training.


In Summary


So, there you have it – the most practical jewellery for an active lifestyle. Contrary to popular belief, exercise doesn’t have to compromise your style. With the options above, you can stay looking great as you work out.

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