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When it comes to the trendiest jewellery of 2018, anklets are definitely a contender. While many of us remember the craze being popular in the 90’s, the jewellery first came about centuries before. Today, ankle bracelets can be spotted on runways all over the world and are fast becoming the go-to fashion ac-cessory of this summer. In this article, we explore anklets in more detail.

History of the Anklet

Anklets first became trendy in the West in the 20th century; however, the use of anklets in Eastern cul-ture can be traced back to the archaic times. Historians discovered a collection of ankle bracelets while evacuating Sumerian tombs that date back over 4500 years. The jewellery discovered was described as ‘ankle chains’, as the design was delicate and simple.

Today, fashion brands such as Chloe and Mark Jacobs are bringing forward a range of anklet designs. The simplistic gold anklets by Chloe are designed to be paired with a casual beach outfit. The glamorous two-layered anklets by Mark Jacobs are best worn with a little black dress for a chic evening look. While these anklet designs are popular amongst women, other styles are also being seen on the runway. So far, 2018 has seen anklets crafted from gold, silver, and even leather. Additionally, some anklets are embellished with small beads or shells to really catch your eye.

How the Trend Has Returned

Although some fashion trends go out of style quickly, many of them end up returning at some point. An-klets are a great example of this. The accessory was first popular in the 90’s, but eventually fell out of fashion and people stopped wearing them. However, a few decades later they are back in style. But why is this? What makes fashion trends come back?

Many people believe that the answer is simple. There are only so many styles that designers can put to-gether before they run out of innovative ideas. Over time, they have to look to the past for inspiration and old trends end up being recycled. However, designers don’t tend to copy past trends exactly. Alt-hough the anklet craze first began in the 90’s, the designs on the runway today are slightly different. Be-low, we discuss the types of anklet that are popular today.

Types of Anklet

Golden Anklets

Ever since Chloe released their delicate golden anklet, the style has been popular worldwide. Seen as luxury anklets, they are often used to represent social status – especially when they are decorated with expensive gemstones. Golden anklets are generally worn by mature women as opposed to the younger generation. Additionally, they are designed to be worn with glamorous evening wear rather than just day-to-day.

Silver Anklets

Silver anklets are also popular today. With a more casual vibe, silver anklets are perfect for those looking to add a hint of glamour to a daytime outfit. They are best paired with flat sandals or a high-quality pair of flip-flops. Although they work well with a daytime outfit, they can also be worn on warm summer eve-nings with a floaty dress and a matching bracelet.

Beaded Anklets

If you’re going for a bohemian vibe, try wearing a beaded anklet. Beaded anklets can be found in almost every colour of the rainbow, so finding one to match your favourite outfit should be easy. This style of anklet should be paired with flip-flops and a chic bikini before heading to the beach.

Anklets with Charms

Anklets with charms are all the rage this summer. Charmed jewellery first became popular when Pandora charm bracelets were released. Since then, designers have been incorporating delicate charms into vari-ous pieces of jewellery – anklets included!

How to Wear an Anklet

If worn correctly, an anklet can compliment your outfit perfectly. However, if you pair it with the wrong thing you run the risk of ruining your look. Below, we discuss the best way to wear an anklet.

While pairing jewellery is second nature to some people, others may struggle. If you fall into the latter category, that’s ok! You can’t really go wrong with a thin and dainty anklet, so if you’re unsure just go with this. If you want to put more effort into pairing your ankle chain, choose a metal that compliments your skin tone. If you’re not sure what skin tone you have, look at the colour of your veins. Typically, those with bluish veins have a cool skin tone, while those with greenish veins have warm toned skin. If your skin is cool toned, opt for white metals such as silver or white gold. If you have warm toned skin, choose yel-low metals such as gold or copper. Remember that this is just a guideline, though. If a silver anklet looks great against your warm-toned skin, just go for it!

When it comes to pairing anklets with your outfit, there are a few things to remember. For starters, it’s best to choose thin, dainty styles if you’re unsure. Anklets always look best with cropped bottoms as op-posed to full-length trousers and are generally worn with flats rather than heels. As well as looking great with sandals and flip flops, they can also be paired with a pair of pumps or casual trainers, or even with bare feet if you’re on the beach. Remember not to wear an anklet with tights or leggings – they should always be in contact with your skin.

In Summary

Whether you sported an anklet in the 90’s or you’re wearing one for the first time, they are a must-have for summer 2018. When paired correctly they can compliment your outfit perfectly. If you’re unsure of what anklet looks best, you can never go wrong with something thin and dainty.

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