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19th July 2018
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2nd August 2018

This summer, statement earrings are a popular way to accessorise. With the power to add a touch of glam to any look, it’s no surprise that runways worldwide are exhibiting the latest trend. Many brands certainly seem to agree that bigger is better when it comes to earrings, and although delicate designs have their place, dramatic earrings are the trend of summer 2018. In this article, we explore statement earrings in more detail.

Types of Statement Earring

Fringe & Tassel Earrings

One of the most popular styles this summer is Fringe and Tassel Earrings. Available in almost every colour of the rainbow, tassel earrings are the perfect way to add colour to your summer look. Some people en-joy wearing a colour that clashes with their outfit for an arty, fun, and unique look.

Graphic Earrings

Graphic earrings are also a big hit this year. Available in a range of different styles, graphic earrings are best described as bold earrings that don’t fall into the other categories! One of the popular designs this summer is mismatched earrings; Instead of wearing a pair of matching earrings, people are wearing a dif-ferent design in each ear. While mismatched earrings are popular, if you’d prefer to wear a matching pair, that’s fine too! As long as you choose a bold design, you’re guaranteed to look on-trend.

Duster Earrings

People are also sporting duster earrings this summer. Typically, this style is long enough to graze the neck or shoulder. As they look flattering on everybody, duster earrings can be paired with any outfit for an ef-fortlessly chic look.

Geometric Earrings

This style of earring can be found in a range of geometric shapes. Typically, geometric earrings are crafted from metal and can be picked up in gold, silver, and rose gold. Some designs incorporate other elements such as beads, pearls, or feathers, so you can always find a design to suit your style. Geometric earrings can be paired with almost any outfit. Offering the perfect balance of simple and glam, they complement both day and evening wear.

Why Are Statement Earrings So Popular?

Statement earrings were first seen in the 1980s. Almost 40 years later, they are back on runways all over the globe. But what is it that makes statement earrings so popular? Many people agree that they are loved for their versatility. As they come in so many different styles, there is a design to suit every style, personality, and outfit. Whether you choose to go for a chic pair of duster earrings or you’re more about the bold geometric shapes, you can rest easy knowing you’ll look on-trend throughout the year.

Another great thing about statement earrings is that they are visible in selfies. As most accessories are worn away from the face, it’s not uncommon for selfies to appear a little dull. However, a vibrant pair of tassel earrings can take your selfie game from drab to fab in a matter of seconds.

Unlike more complicated trends, statement earrings can transform your look instantly. Last year, a state-ment lip was the focal point of many outfits. Although this trend was popular, women would need to spend hours perfecting their make-up before leaving the house. Additionally, lipstick often needs top-ping up throughout the night to remain on-point. Statement earrings, on the other hand, require little to no time, care, or attention. Just slip them in before heading out the door and forget about them for the rest of the night.

How to Wear Statement Earrings

Accessorising with statement earrings is simple if you know what you’re doing. Here, we discuss a few tips and tricks to remember.

Choose a Comfortable Design

If you’re heading out for the evening, choose earrings that won’t get in the way. Although we all want to look great, it’s also important to be comfy. Additionally, a super-long pair of earrings could easily get caught if you’re dancing the night away.

Make Them Your Focal Point

If you’re wearing a glamorous pair of earrings, try to keep the rest of your outfit simple. A perfect look should never have more than 1 focal point, so if you’re set on wearing a statement necklace save the ear-rings for another day.

Experiment With Styles

As statement earrings can be found in a wide range of colours and textures, why not experiment? If you’re bored of your normal style, pick up a few pairs of statement earrings to spruce it up. As they only take a few seconds to put in, you can try a new style every day of the week!

Show Off Your Personality

Statement earrings allow you to show off your personality. When you’re putting an outfit together, cre-ate a unique look with a pair of mismatched earrings. If you’d rather exhibit your arty-side, go for a pair of vibrant fringe earrings to add a pop of colour to your look.

Consider How Much You’ll Wear Them

Before purchasing a pair of earrings, consider how much wear you’ll get from them. If you’re just experi-menting, maybe opt for a cheaper pair instead of splashing out. Most high-street shops offer a wide range of affordable jewellery, so there is no reason to go without!

In Summary

Whether you’re spending the day at the beach or heading out for evening drinks, the right pair of state-ment earrings will complete your look. As they are super quick to put in, you’ll be ready to leave the house in a matter of seconds. Better still, they can be paired with almost any outfit so are suitable for everybody – even those that find styling tricky. Just remember to keep them the focal point of your look and to steer clear of other statement pieces.

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